The actor also reflects on their '30 Rock' memories

By Christian Holub
May 12, 2016 at 01:00 PM EDT

It’s been nearly four years since 30 Rock ended, and some cast members miss it as much as viewers.

In Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host told Alec Baldwin that he should bring former costar Tracy Morgan onto his new show Match Game. The idea soon had Baldwin reflecting on working with Morgan on the set of their dearly departed NBC sitcom.

“When we did the show with him, he was such a child, in a wonderful way,” Baldwin said. “Either his head was hitting the ceiling or his ass was hitting the floor. He was either laying in his couch watching TV, or he was singing in the dressing room.”

Kimmel also shared his memories of Morgan, saying, “When I met him, it may have been 30 seconds later that I started talking like him and imitating him.”

“When you’re around him, you try to get it,” said Baldwin. “You’re going, ‘I’m sorry, what did he say?’ It’s like you’re trying to pick up a frequency on the radio. And then you get him, the way he talks, and you get into it.”

It didn’t take long for Baldwin to bust out a flawless Morgan impression, emphasizing his loud cackling laugh and love of words like “pregnant.” Kimmel then brought up one of the best 30 Rock scenes between Baldwin and Morgan, when Jack tries to help Tracy through therapy by impersonating his family members — but voices them like classic sitcom actors such as Redd Foxx. After recalling a joke about Foxx that Morgan told him once, Baldwin explained how he was able to pull off that bit.

“My age, when you watched TV, there was no internet. This is what we watched,” Baldwin said. “We watched these shows and listened to these people’s voices and picked them up and so forth.”

Watch the clip below.

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