By James Hibberd
Updated May 11, 2016 at 05:19 PM EDT
Credit: FX

There’s serious movement on that Sons of Anarchy spin-off.

FX has officially commissioned a pilot script for its Mayans MC project and brought aboard writer-director Elgin James to serve as co-creator along with Kurt Sutter. The potential series is described as a “dark, visceral family drama that takes a new look at the most American of icons, the 1% outlaw, this time, reflected through a Latino lens.” James will also write the pilot script.

“I wanted to find a strong, unique Latino voice,” said Sons creator and Mayans executive producer Sutter. “Because I didn’t think a white guy from Jersey should be writing about Latin culture and traditions. Elgin is that voice.”

James has some history that could add some relevant perspective to the show — he previously served a prison sentence “for a past gang-related charge of federal extortion,” the network noted. James’ bio also includes that he founded a street gang in Boston, directed the Sundance entry Little Birds and is slated to direct the upcoming adaptation of A Million Little Pieces.

Sons of Anarchy stands as FX’s most popular drama and ran for seven season after launching in 2008. For years there’s been talk of some kind of spin-off, with this take on the Mayans motorcycle club gaining the most traction.

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