By Clark Collis
May 11, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Saban Films

In new crime thriller The Trust (out in theaters and on VOD, May 13) Nicolas Cage plays a corrupt and rather eccentric Las Vegas cop named Jim Stone. How eccentric? Well, at one point in the film, Stone starts consuming slices of lemon covered in hot sauce.

Given the Oscar-winner’s famous commitment to his craft — and the fact that he ate not one but two live cockroaches while shooting 1989’s Vampire’s Kiss — it is no shock to learn the actor performed these tongue-searing acts of consumption for real. But even Cage admits he eventually wearied of chewing down on the Tabasco-infused citrus for the film, which costars Elijah Wood and was written and directed by Alex and Benjamin Brewer.

“That was in fact an actual lemon with hot sauce and I ate about 20 of them — which started to get a little tense around take 17,” says the actor. “It kind of grows exponentially. At first you can handle it, but the more you do it with Tabasco, the lemon starts to kind of compound on itself, and extrapolate, until the lemon is a piece of cement on your mouth. It’s just a nightmare. Yeah, around take 20 I’d had enough.”

The Trust is distributed by Saban Films and is available to watch now via DirecTV. You can see a trailer for the film above.