By Christian Holub
May 11, 2016 at 01:28 PM EDT
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Conan O’Brien is basically late night comedy’s kindly elder statesman, but as such he sometimes has questions about social media. When Mindy Kaling appeared on his show Tuesday night, he asked for the story behind one of her recent posts. Kaling explained that it was a picture of her tampon box, and she took it because the silhouette of the girl on the box eerily resembled her. 

“I was like, ‘Hey, that looks like me,'” Kaling said. “I thought the shape of her body, her chunky necklace, her proud stance, her hair, and I was like, Playtex is using me as their inspiration for this silhouette.” 

Then again, Kaling pointed out that though the picture might resemble her, it is not an accurate depiction of women going through menstruation. 

“What’s funny about this photo, actually, for any woman who actually does menstruate, you would never wear that outfit,” Kaling said. “You’d be in like big sweat pants, or at least that’s me. She’s wearing a necklace and high heels, she’s ready to go on a big sexy adventure.”

Watch the video below.

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