Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage

Four years after the “It’s gonna be May” meme became the unofficial yearly signal beckoning the end of April, Justin Timberlake has jumped on the bandwagon.

During an appearance with Capital FM, a UK music radio station, Timberlake gleefully sang out the lyrics from “It’s Gonna Be Me,” the 2000 single from *NSYNC that led to the infamous meme.

The singer explained that the meme was a result of Max Martin, co-writer of “It’s Gonna Be Me,” instructing Timberlake to sing the lyrics a certain way.

“In my defense, Max Martin made me sing ‘me’ that way,” Timberlake said. “I think he just wanted me to sound like I was from Tennessee.”

In between sips of tea, Timberlake played what the radio hosts called an “It’s Gonna Be Me game,” prompting Timberlake to answer questions like, “What’s a horse’s favorite food?” Timberlake sang out, “It’s gonna be hay,” sounding remarkably like his 2000 self.

On April 29, Timberlake showed he was embracing the meme via Twitter, asking #canyoumemeyourself, and answering his own question with a “Probably not, right?”

Watch the video of the full “It’s Gonna Be Me” game with Capital FM here.