Credit: John Lamparski/GC Images

Geraldo Rivera has a lot to say about Bernie Sanders. As the Democratic hopeful defeated Hillary Clinton in the West Virginia primary on Tuesday, Rivera shared his thoughts on the Vermont senator during Fox News’ live election coverage.

“He’s so annoying,” said Rivera, seemingly unaware that his microphone was on.

Even after a warning from fellow Fox host Sean Hannity — “Your mic is hot! What are you saying?” — Rivera continued speaking.

“That he’s so annoying,” answered the news personality. “And people that think that his supporters go to Donald Trump are smoking dope.”

This isn’t the first time a TV host’s unfiltered thoughts have been aired this election season. Earlier in May, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews commented on Melania Trump’s appearance, saying, “My God is that good.”

Hear Rivera’s comments on Sanders in the clip above.