Cersei Lannister may be out and about, making moves with her newly returned brother and bodyguard, but the real queen of Westeros, Margaery Tyrell, still lingers in a dark prison cell on Game of Thrones. She’s mostly alone but for those annoying septas — and wouldn’t it be nice to have a little royal company?

When EW was on set for the filming of season 6, we asked Natalie Dormer herself who Margaery’s dream cellmate would be on the show.

“It would be best if I was in prison with my brother,” Dormer said. “I mean we’re in prison together, so we might as well be in the same cell together to keep each other company, but they’re not that charitable, unfortunately.”

Dormer also took a crack at the opposite question: who would be the worst possible cellmate in all of Westeros? Dormer probably has the same answer as the rest of us: the late King Joffrey Baratheon.

“The worst person to be in a cell with would be the ghost of my husband,” Dormer said. “The second one, not the first one. The first one’s ghost would probably be quite good company.”

Watch above. Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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