Credit: Lionsgate Movies

All eyes are on Emma Roberts and Dave Franco’s dangerous game of truth or dare — er, actually dare or dare — in the first trailer for their upcoming thriller Nerve.

The movie, adapted from Jeanne Ryan’s 2012 YA novel of the same title, follows the usually cautious Vee (Roberts) as she signs up to play the interactive daring game “Nerve” to shake things up. The game allows “watchers” to challenge “players” to do various tasks on camera to win an ever-growing sum of money. Vee’s first dare, to kiss a stranger, finds her in the company of Ian (Franco) — and the “watchers” were clearly feeling the heat because they pair the two teenagers up for the remainder of their challenges.

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At first, the dares are minor and exhilarating, such as getting a tattoo or streaking in a clothing store, but soon the game becomes much less fun for Vee and Ian. Soon, the “watchers” steal their identities, and nobody will help them get out of the game. “The only way out is to win,” Ian realizes, and he and Vee take on a series of life-threatening and traumatizing dares.

Nerve comes from directing partners Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who made the buzzy documentary film Catfish, and it costars Juliette Lewis, Emily Meade (The Leftovers), and Miles Heizer (Parenthood). The movie comes out July 27. Check out the trailer above.

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