You'll never hear 'Every Breath You Take' the same way again

The Police’s hit song “Every Breath You Take” has always felt kind of creepy, what with its lyrics about constant surveillance and all that, but it reaches a different level in the trailer for The Woods. The new mystery horror movie from Adam Wingard (The Guest) is set (where else?) deep in the woods. There, some young people are going camping. The trailer even shows them playing next to “no entry after nightfall” signs; naturally, they completely ignore these helpful warnings, and decide to stay overnight in the empty woods, as the Police’s words about always watching you play creepily in the background (albeit in cover form).

Something’s hiding in the woods, though. Either that or it’s trapped — the poster for the film, below, shows hands grabbing tree trunks like prison bars. Either way, this thing does not want to camp alongside these happy people, but rather bring them down into the darkness and mutilate them. Based on the few seconds of juicy footage toward the end of the trailer, it seems to be doing quite an excellent job of that.

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The Woods hits theaters Sep. 16. Watch the trailer below.