The tune is off the Belly founder's next set 'Swan Song Series'

Alt-rock poster girl Tanya Donelly — of Belly (who are reuniting to tour this summer!), Throwing Muses, and The Breeders — is preparing to bid farewell to her solo career for now with a 3-CD set called Swan Song Series. “In terms of releasing under my name, I’m definitely done with that. I feel like I’m over my name at this point,” she tells EW, laughing. “If I do anything from this point on, I’d like to do it under a band name.”

Sparked by performing in her friend John Wesley Harding’s “Cabinet of Wonders” vaudeville-esque reviews, Donelly began reaching out to other authors and musicians to create this series of songs that feature everyone from Harding to Belly bandmate Tom Gorman to Rick Moody to Magnetic Fields’ Claudia Gonson. The 31-song collection, which drops on May 20th, is a compendium of collaborations with other artists and includes her first five self-released digital EPs and seven new tracks, but EW is premiering a highlight off the collection, “Wild Love,” today.

On this song, Donelly worked with singer/songwriter Will Dailey to create a sweet love song touched by a fuzzy, mystical folk vibe. “This is one of the most organic in terms of process because Will and I live in the same town and we’re friends,” Donnelly says. “We wrote together, and it resulted in a song that neither one of us would have come up with individually — which is kind of the entire point of the series. There was one point where we were like: Is it too stylistically simple? Is it too direct? Usually both of us are a little more opaque. And this one is just so transparent and such a clear love song.”

“Wild Love” is streaming below. Swan Song Series is due to release May 20 on American Laundromat Records.