By Nick Maslow
May 10, 2016 at 12:11 PM EDT

Ryan Gosling could have just sat back and kicked up his feet while a clip of his new movie, The Nice Guys, played on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday. But no, the actor went the extra mile and acted out the scene with one member of the studio audience.

“Your mic is hanging off of your very tight pants,” Kimmel cautioned as the father of two walked backstage to prepare for his scene, evoking shrieks of excitement from the audience. “What if he never comes back?”

Sure enough, Gosling returned with props and scripts in hand. “I just think we need an audience member,” he said. Out of all the enthusiastic volunteers, he picked a woman named Karen, telling her, “Alright Karen, I think you’re going to make a wonderful Russell Crowe,” a.k.a. his costar in the ’70s crime comedy, out May 20.

That’s when the real magic happens, with Gosling assuring Karen she’ll do a great job despite this being her “first acting gig.” “You can’t be worse than Russell,” Gosling quips. (Crowe will get the chance to respond when he appears on Kimmel Tuesday.)

Soon, Gosling is climbing over the furniture and reaching into a cookie jar as Karen grabs his hand and fakes a big punch. Poor Karen then has to get on top of Gosling and pretend to break his arm. Watch all that and more go down in the clip below.