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Russian roulette can still be a dangerous game without bullets — even if that danger is just to your pride or the cleanliness of your forehead. Jodie Foster learned that lesson Monday when she played Jimmy Fallon’s version on The Tonight Show. Without knowing which eggs were cooked or raw, the two took turns smashing eggs on their faces. The cooked ones had no effect, while the raw ones splattered.

The game certainly started off raw. Although there were only four raw eggs in the dozen, Foster and Fallon happened to choose two with their very first picks. Foster, unperturbed in the least by the yolk running down her hair, even gave Fallon some words of encouragement: “It’s just product… it feels good. Just think of your mother.” In a comedic act of self-promotion, she also mentioned Money Monster — the name of the new movie she directed, out Friday — before hitting an egg on her head.

Things soon calmed down as the two got cooked egg after cooked egg. Then, as Fallon went to grab his next one, someone in the audience yelled, “Not that one, Jimmy!” So Fallon switched his pick, only to get a second raw egg and thus lose the game.

Watch the clip below.

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