Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel drop 9 hints about 'Full Circle'

By Dan Snierson
Updated May 10, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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The Grinder

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Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. on Fox, the Grinder will face his toughest challenge yet. Or… is it?

Yeah, it’s got to be. You save your biggest case for the season finale; that’s just the way TV works, right? Which means TV lawyer-turned-actual lawyer (okay, certified legal intern with in-court speaking privileges) Dean Sanderson (Rob Lowe) will truly be put to the test as the malpractice trial of Dean Sr. (William Devane) gets underway without his brother Stewart (Fred Savage) as lead counsel. Can Dean make a convincing case or at least charm this jury into ruling in his favor? Will a hush fall over the court as some sort of surprise witness is introduced? And who exactly is the mastermind behind Corey Manler’s (Kenny Lucas) case? Everything promises to come full circle in, well, “Full Circle,” the season finale of The Grinder.

Or is it the series finale? The savvy, winning legal/family meta-comedy has impressed critics and its fanbase in its first season but struggled in the Nielsens. “I think right now we’re realizing for the first time that the ratings aren’t Seinfeld-esque,” quips Grinder co-creator Jarrad Paul. “I mean, they’re close…” Now, all that the Grinder cast and producers can do is rest while awaiting the verdict on a second season from the network. “We love making the show. We hope we get to do more,” says co-creator Andrew Mogel. “We definitely covered ourselves, and this episode can serve as either the season or series finale.”

Before you settle in — sorry, poor choice of words. A Grinder fan would never settle. Before you sit down to watch “Full Circle,” allow EW to call to the stand Paul and Mogel, who will be compelled by this court to reveal nine hints about Tuesday’s action.

1. “It’s no longer about the law. It’s about instinct.”

2. “Dean and Stewart will do anything it takes to get their father off. Together. One last time.”

3. “A past mistake resurfaces, forcing Stewart to watch from the sidelines.”

4. “Dean has to become lead counsel for the first time, and has to beat someone at his own game: drama.”

5. “The trial brings scrutiny to the family, and Debbie (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) has to cover up an interview that she did while two bottles deep.”

6. “Dean has no objection to randomly objecting to anything.”

7. “It’s a Scandal-esque reveal when someone from the past returns.”

8. “Note cards. Cue cards. Does Dean know the difference?”

9. “Will it be one final grind, or will it all grind to a halt?”

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