A new Blank on Blank shows a different side of Cher

Of three terms that connote a diva (temperamental, egotistical, difficult), Cher identifies with just one: egotistical. The singer and actress, who has repeatedly reinvented herself as a performer since the 1960s, told Benjamin Svetkey in a 1999 interview for Entertainment Weekly that her ego is a necessity.

“Well I spend so much time having to think about myself and so I’m really self-centered,” Cher told Svetkey, “which doesn’t make me completely oblivious to the things that are happening around me. It just makes me more conscious of myself than is healthy and that I would like to be. That’s just the way it is.”

The interview with Cher is the latest conversation re-imagined by Blank on Blank, as part of its project to bring celebrity interviews to life through animation. The singer opened up about her struggles with dyslexia, revealing that she can’t read music.

“I just hear it,” she said. “But I’m better with lyrics. I have kind of a photographic memory because of it. I can read something and pretty much get the feeling of it the first time.”

Despite being “pretty intelligent,” Cher said her severe dyslexia prevented her from enjoying school.

“School was pretty much an impossibility for me,” she said.

Regarding motherhood, Cher said she didn’t think of herself as the best mom, but that it was important to let her children be who they wanted to be.

“I’m a cookie decorating mom,” she said. “I don’t bake them, I decorate them.”

Watch the full animated interview below.