Whether in presidential elections or vending machine struggles
Credit: CBS

Ted Cruz and John Kasich may have essentially forfeited the Republican presidential nomination to rival Donald Trump, but Bernie Sanders isn’t giving up so easily. Although most onlookers assume Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee, Sanders is still fighting for every last vote. He even popped up on the cold open of Monday’s Late Show to explain his reasoning to Stephen Colbert.

Sanders happened to find Colbert at an opportune time. The host was struggling with a vending machine, his chocolate bar stuck in that purgatory where money has been paid but it hasn’t fallen. Sanders explained that his campaign is fighting to win Tuesday’s primary in West Virginia, even though his chances of securing a majority of pledged delegates is slim.

“At a certain point, don’t you have to say, ‘I’m not gonna get the thing that I want?'” Colbert asked. “Look at me, I’m never gonna get my candy.”

“You’ve got to believe, Stephen,” Sanders said. “You can’t give up on that contested confection. You’ve gotta rock the system.”

At that, Sanders shook the vending machine, releasing Colbert’s candy. Watch the clip below.

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