Credit: Ben Rothstein

Wolverine is going out with a bang. Simon Kinberg, a producer for the upcoming third Wolverine film, confirmed the rumors that the clawed mutant’s final big-screen installment will be rated R in an interview with Collider.

Speculation that Hugh Jackman’s third and final Wolverine film would be bumped up to an R rating from the PG-13 of the first two outings began swirling a couple months ago, after the incredible box office success of R-rated superhero flick Deadpool. And while similar ratings rumors proved to be false for PG-13 Suicide Squad, it looks like they were right on the money for the new Wolverine installment.

“It is an R-rated movie,” Kinberg confirmed to Collider. “It’s violent, it’s kind of like a Western in its tone. It’s just a very cool, different film.”

The producer, who’s worked on all the newer X-Men films as well as Deadpool, also teased that the new movie will feature a “radical, bold, different Wolverine than you’ve ever seen in any of these movies.” And, Kinberg added, it’s already begun filming.

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