Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

In the wake of Prince’s sudden death on April 21, all kinds of celebrities rushed to pay tribute, whether on Twitter or in concert. Musical legends like Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder covered Prince’s trademark “Purple Rain,” while other stars like Jimmy Fallon told an amazing story about playing him in ping-pong. To that epic list we can now add Tracy Morgan dancing to “Sign O the Times” in his bathroom.

As the comedian prepared for his show in Las Vegas, he pumped himself by dancing in the mirror to the title track from Prince’s iconic 1987 double album. Facing the mirror, Morgan mimicked playing bass as wife Megan Wollover filmed. “I love you Prince,” Morgan wrote on Facebook.

In an interview with Billboard last month he also remembered the late star and said, “Was he an influence? Absolutely! He was free. He came from the heart. He was talking about making love, he was a sexy man!”

Morgan spread the love among other fallen legends as well. His second pre-Vegas warm-up video found him dancing to Prince’s closest rival among ’80s funk-pop legends, Michael Jackson.

Watch the videos below.