Credit: Janet Van Ham/HBO

When comedian Quincy Jones was given one year to live after receiving a cancer diagnosis, he didn’t give up. He got to work on his dream: doing a one-hour stand-up special. And now, that dream is real.

With the help of a Kickstarter, Jones raised enough money to fund the special, and with the help of Ellen DeGeneres, HBO decided to air that special. He went on to film the hour in early April, and it’s premiering on the network in June.

“What I have the ability to do right now is to hopefully inspire people to dig a little deeper and fight a little harder,” Jones, who’s going through chemotherapy, says in a new trailer for the special. “Someone could watch this and be like, ‘That guy has cancer? That guy was told he was gonna die and this is what he managed to churn out?'”

“Whether it’s cancer, whether it’s a breakup, we’re all one misstep away from losing it,” he continues. “But you just gotta tighten up, you gotta pull it together, compose yourself, one day at a time. It took a lot of baby steps to get to this point right here.”

Watch the clip below, and see Burning the Light when it debuts on HBO June 2.