Also check out an exclusive new poster for the Cinemax series

If you’re the kind that goes in for coffins on fire, stabbing shadows, bodies creepily floating in air, and a bathroom full of bloody tissues, then have we got the trailer for you.

Robert Kirkman has been scaring the bejesus out of people for years courtesy of The Walking Dead comic book and TV adaptation, and now we’ve got an exclusive new trailer for his latest comic book-turned-TV series, Outcast.

Debuting June 3 on Cinemax, Outcast tells the tale of Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit), a loner who has been plagued throughout his life by demons possessing the bodies of those he loves. But he has a weapon with which to fight back.

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Check out the spooky trailer above, and feel free to play a game of “Spot the Oz Alum!” while you’re at it. Also, enjoy the exclusive new poster for the series below.

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