Credit: Billy Hunt

John Grisham’s 28th novel, Rogue Lawyer, was only released last fall, but the prolific writer is already onto the next one: The Whistler, slated for an October 25 publication. But before you decide to crawl into a cave and hibernate until this fall, check out EW’s exclusive first look at the cover of The Whistler.

And that’s not all — see Grisham’s playfully snarky answers to our queries about the book, below:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you tell us about The Whistler?

JOHN GRISHAM: Not much. I’ve written 200 pages and don’t have a story yet.

What inspired it?

My current publishing contract with Doubleday.

Is there a particular social justice cause you’re championing in this book, as you often do?

No. My wife told me to get off the soapbox.

What are you reading now?

Idiot’s Guide To Laundering Money (hint — it’s related to The Whistler).

Credit: Doubleday