Credit: Hopper Stone

Ready to answer the call? Fans of the Ghostbusters franchise will have the chance to play paranormal exterminator before the summer release of Sony’s reboot of the beloved action-comedy.

The studio has commissioned the Ghostbusters Experience, an interactive attraction featuring virtual reality, wax figures, props, and 4D effects at Madame Tussaud​s New York in Times Square.

Opening July 1, the the attraction comprises four rooms, one of which centers on a multiplayer VR game in which players wield proton packs and go ghost-hunting. Further setting the mood will be ghostly sounds and smoke, creaking floorboards, portraits with moving eyes, and other immersive effects. The wax figures, meanwhile, will include the new Ghosbusters crew of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.

“The technology is breathtaking, the experience is thrilling, and what better way is there to use VR than to let audiences inhabit the stories they love,” Ghostbusters creator Ivan Reitman said in a statement.

Ghostbusters opens July 15.

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