By Shirley Li
May 09, 2016 at 03:15 PM EDT
Starz; Jonathan Hession/SHOWTIME; The CW

Is it just us, or has TV been double-dipping in the character pool a lot lately? From mystical look-alike ancestors to long-lost twins, EW ranked each twist pairing from the least to the most bananas. Just call them (drumroll, please!) “banana splits.”


Tobias Menzies, Outlander

Frank Randall

The fantasy drama introduced Menzies — time-traveling Claire’s historian husband — in 1945…

“Black Jack” Randall

…but, as revealed in the pilot, Frank gets his looks from a sadistic ancestor Claire faces in 1743.

RATING: 1 BANANA. Frank and Black Jack’s resemblance is entirely plausible.


Patti LuPone, Penny Dreadful

Joan Clayton

LuPone’s witch — nicknamed the “Cut-Wife” — dealt with the devil in a season 2 episode…

Dr. Seward

…and lived long enough to produce a distant descendant who shares her visage — but not her coif — in season 3. 

RATING: 2 BANANAS. It’s one unexpected, hair-raising return.

Seth Meyers, The Mindy Project


Meyers wooed Mindy at a bookstore and won her over with frozen yogurt in a 2012 episode…


…and reappeared this season as himself to help Morgan find his missing dog.

RATING: 3 BANANAS. Mindy never forgets a suitor. Maybe “Matt” is Meyers’ alias?

TV Land

Dan Amboyer, Younger


Kelsey’s fiancé bit the dust this season after finding out Liza’s age-defying secret…


…but Thad turned out to have a secret of his own: a poncho-wearing twin brother.

RATING: 4 BANANAS. Liza never saw a second dirtbag love interest for Kelsey coming.

Nino Munoz/The CW; Michael Desmond/The CW

Yael Grobglas, Jane the Virgin


Petra has had her fair share of telenovela-worthy drama…


…and this twist — a long-lost twin — might be the toughest she’s faced.

RATING: 5 BANANAS. How did Petra, who knows everything about everyone, miss this?

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