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We all had a feeling the Red Forest wasn’t a good thing, but 12 Monkeys proved as much when the paradoxing of a Primary in the past caused the first roots of the Red Forest to sprout in the future. So yeah, Red Forest, not good.

After facing off with the Messengers (Read: The blue man group who took over the machine in the finale only to be sent back to various time periods), Railly (Amanda Schull) and Cole (Aaron Stanford) were unable to prevent them from killing a Primary in the past, whom they paradoxed by stabbing with his own bone from the future.

In doing so, the Messengers basically ripped a tear in space and time, causing the Red Forest to spring to life and, well, do some really messed up things, like cause one of the West 7 scavengers to age at a crazy rate. Suffice it to say, that’s the least of Team Splinter’s worries now that the Red Forest is here.

Killing a Primary, executive producer Terry Matalas says, “has a ripple effect through time itself that is absolutely devastating to how time functions and the nature of causality itself.”

That’s probably not a good thing. And it will only get worse as the Messengers hunt down more Primaries throughout history. “The devastating paradox in 1944, a devastating paradox in 1975, and another one later on, that ripple effect is now catching up to the future and unraveling it all,” Matalas says.

“We always knew that this quasi-religious view of what the Red Forest is would be important to the Army of the 12 Monkeys,” Matalas continues. “They needed to have a goal that was beyond just releasing a plague, because we knew it was connected to time itself.

There’s just one other piece of bad news: Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire) is a Primary, whose function will be explained during Monday’s episode. But she’s not the only Primary that we may know. “Yes, there is a familiar face who is a Primary, but by familiar face, I may not mean what you mean,” Matalas teases cryptically.

12 Monkeys airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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