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While fans of Tom Hiddleston would no doubt love to see him tackle the role of James Bond, the actor confirmed all those rumors of his casting are just that.

When the titular host of The Graham Norton Show asked Hiddleston whether he’s been approached to play 007, he said, “No, no one’s talked to me at all.” He explained, “I think it’s come about because in The Night Manager I play a spy, and we all know that in the iconography of British culture there is a spy that we all know, and his name is James Bond. So people have made the link.”

Hiddleston has become the subject of such speculation much like Idris Elba, who said the Bond rumors about him, too, were from “rumor-ville.”

“I’m a huge fan of the series,” Hiddleston told the Sunday Times in an earlier interview. “We all went to see Spectre when we were shooting Skull Island in Hawaii. I simply love the theme tune, the tropes and the mythology. I love the whole thing. If it ever came knocking, it would be an extraordinary opportunity.”

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