Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

“When I was a kid,” Lily Tomlin said on The Late Show, “I used to talk to my stuffed animals, and now I feel like they’re not even really listening.” Thanks to host Stephen Colbert, she has a place where she can be a kid again: The Late Show Blanket Fort.

The Grace and Frankie star returned to a simpler time when conversations were about the game sections on restaurant menus and the Tooth Fairy’s handwriting. “Hey, do you know what puberty is?” Tomlin asked Colbert. While eating a Hostess CupCake, she said, “I heard it’s a pill you take that makes you need different pants.”

Watch more of their child act in the video below.

Funny enough, season 1 of Grace & Frankie saw Tomlin’s character in a similar situation when she got stoned with Brianna (June Diane Raphael) and got frozen yogurt. See what new shenanigans she gets herself into in season 2, now available to stream on Netflix.

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