'I'd like us just to go out and celebrate,' he tells EW
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It’s been 20 years since Matchbox Twenty first came together to release their debut album Yourself or Someone Like You back in 1996, and although they haven’t stayed together that whole span of time, frontman Rob Thomas is looking to celebrate the milestone.

“No matter what, I would love next year for us to go on the road, because it’ll be our 20th anniversary,” Thomas told EW on the red carpet of Live Nation’s National Concert Day. “I’d like us just to go out and celebrate that. Hopefully we can pull together something, touring-wise at the least.”

Matchbox Twenty’s past has been spotted with breaks. After their first three studio albums, the group went on their first hiatus in 2004 to allow its members to pursue side projects, including the launch of Thomas’ successful solo career. They reunited in 2007 to release Exile on Mainstream, a singles album with a few new songs, and then quickly took another pause. The group got back together again in 2010 to record their fourth studio album North, which was released in 2012. And although Thomas has recently released his new album The Great Unknown last year, Matchbox Twenty is still technically in tact at this time, although Thomas admits the scheduling can be difficult.

“You just never know because there’s four other guys and you never know if they’re going to be ready,” Thomas said. “[Guitarist] Kyle [Cook]’s out doing his thing, [guitarist and drummer] Paul [Doucette]’s been doing film scoring. So we all just have to kind of be ready for it.”

For right now, Thomas is focusing on releasing singles from The Great Unknown — “My next single is such a downer. It’s not like the ‘Let’s all go party for the summer’ song. It’s like ‘Saturday night at 3 in the morning when your boyfriend dumped you at the club’ song.”

He also says he’s busy writing a new solo album — “I have a record that’s almost done writing… I’ve got this idea for a kind of record in my head; it’s a little more acoustic, it’s a little more my Nebraska.”

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