Plus: The actor jokes about his sex tape

By Christian Holub
May 06, 2016 at 01:10 PM EDT

A multi-decade acting career means racking up a lot of roles over the years. For someone like Rob Lowe, those roles range from star performances to uncredited cameos. On Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel put Lowe to the test by quizzing him on his old character names. Kimmel had previously played this game with Kate Winslet, who set a high bar by acing every single one back in February.

Lowe, too, started off well enough, successfully identifying characters like A New Kind of Family‘s Tony Flanagan and The Outsiders‘ Sodapop Curtis (“One of the great character names ever,” noted Lowe). At one point, when Kimmel put up a prompt from Illegally Yours, Lowe made a joke about his past.

“I remember this was very successful,” Lowe said. “I don’t remember shooting it. Oh I know, it’s from my sex tape.”

He did get the character’s name right (Richard Dice), only to falter a little later by misremembering the name of his character from Wayne’s World. Kimmel tried to be encouraging.

“Let;s try to recoup,” Kimmel said. “I know we’re all disappointed right now, but Rob’s got a few more to do, let’s help him through them.”

Unfortunately for Lowe, the last question was the hardest of all: his character from Austin Powers. This character didn’t have a real name, and even Lowe couldn’t remember that the credits referred to him as “Decapitated Henchman’s Friend.”

Watch the clip above.


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