After debuting 'Burn the Witch,' the band took to Instagram to release another clip of new music


UPDATE: Radiohead released the full song and video for the clip teased early Friday morning. Called “Daydreaming,” the new video was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and shows Thom Yorke walking through a hospital, woods, and a house as the band’s new song plays behind him.

The band also announced that a full album is due out Sunday.

EARLIER: After releasing “Burn the Witch,” Radiohead’s first single off a presumed next album, the band debuted another teaser on Instagram.

Featuring new music, the clip shows frontman Thom Yorke wandering around what looks like a deserted parking garage.

Before releasing “Burn the Witch,” Radiohead debuted similar clips on Instagram, teasing the song’s music video with short snippets.