By Derek Lawrence
May 06, 2016 at 11:50 PM EDT
Instagram/Fast & Furious

Where does a franchise that’s been to Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, London, and Abu Dhabi go next? If you’re Fast & Furious you go where no one else has gone – Cuba. 

Last week production kicked off in Cuba for Fast 8, the latest installment in the record-setting franchise, making it one of the first films to shoot in the country since the U.S. and Cuba began to repair diplomatic relations. 

A new video posted on the series’ official Twitter account documents some of the action going down in Cuba featuring franchise mainstays Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, as well as director F. Gary Gray, a newcomer to the series. 

Undeniably a worldwide phenomenon — the previous seven movies have banked nearly $4 billion around the globe — the franchise seems to have made quite the impression in the island nation as fans line the streets to catch a glimpse of the action. The country’s culture also looks to be having quite an impact on the cars being featured, as sports cars are replaced by more antique-type Cuban vehicles.

Once wrapping in Cuba, production will continue on to New York and Atlanta. Fast 8, which will be released on April 14, 2017, is expected to be the first of a new trilogy according to star and producer Diesel. That means there is still plenty of time for Fast & Furious: Space Wars

See the video from Cuba below.