It involves advice from Harry Belafonte

By Christian Holub
Updated May 06, 2016 at 01:44 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

North Carolina’s recent anti-transgender bathroom law continues to spark outrage and protest. But while certain superstars like Bruce Springsteen have publicly announced boycotts of the state in anger at the law, others are taking a different approach. Cyndi Lauper, for instance, explained to Seth Meyers on Thursday why she chose to play an upcoming concert in the state.

“I thought if I didn’t play North Carolina, big fat deal. No one would care,” Lauper said.

Instead, Lauper took inspiration from something legendary celebrity and activist Harry Belafonte said to her years ago, when he encouraged her to play a show in Florida even after Trayvon Martin’s tragic death and the state’s lack of conviction for killer George Zimmerman. Belafonte also got Lauper involved with charity organizations, so Lauper decided to turn this situation into a positive as well.

“I figured okay, here we are in this situation again,” Lauper said. “Well, let’s make it a rally, and on my rider I have to have a non-gender-specific bathroom, cause that’s on my rider.”

Watch the clip below.

Lauper also previously announced that all profits from her June 4 concert in Raleigh, North Carolina, concert would go towards the fight against the HB2 bill.

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