Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images
May 06, 2016 at 02:56 PM EDT

The Avett Brothers’ ninth studio LP, their first in three years, is due to arrive at the end of June and today they’ve shared another taste of the collection for fans. “True Sadness,” the album’s titular track, sees them exploring the human condition. What do they find after all their searching? “I hate to say it,” the group sings in unison over warm acoustics, “but the way it seems is that no one is fine.”

That may sound like a bummer but the band just doesn’t see it that way. “The phrase is speaking along the lines of viewing the life experience with some evenness,” Seth Avett tells EW. “Sadness is always there, and it’s alright—it outlines something that had to happen.” Bassist Bob Crawford adds, “The human heart is capable of feeling intense joy and intense sorrow at the same time. We talk about that all the time.” With a laugh, he quips, “I learned that in therapy.”

“True Sadness” is streaming below. They have previously shared the rousing single “Ain’t No Man.” The album is slated to drop June 27. It is currently available for pre-order.  

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