Oh, and Jason Biggs is her 'pimp'

Amateur Night

Architecture is a difficult profession, but in some ways it’s nothing compared to being a pimp — even a makeshift one. Such is the lesson learned by Guy (Jason Biggs) in the new trailer for Amateur Night.

Out of a job with a baby on the way and a wife badly in need of financial support (Jenny Mollen, also Biggs’ real-life spouse), Guy takes a job as a delivery guy. Except it’s not pizzas he’s driving around, but a group of charismatic call girls (Ashley Tisdale, Janet Montgomery, and Bria Murphy). Naturally, escapades ensue. Guy soon moves from driver to pimp, and naturally ends up out with the girls when his wife goes into labor.

Amateur Night is due in theaters, on demand, and digital HD this August. Watch the trailer above.

Amateur Night
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