By Dylan Kickham
Updated May 05, 2016 at 06:34 PM EDT

“Enjoy the trip.” The first trailer for pharmaceutical thriller Urge takes viewers on a wild ride as a group of friends experiment with the craziest drug on the planet.

“Supposedly, it blows the doors off anything you’ve done before, but you can only do it once,” explains protagonist Jason (Justin Chatwin).

Although Jason abides by this warning, the rest of his friends indulge in the drug repeatedly, leading them to act out their basest urges. The group of young adults obtain the neon blue inhalant drug, called Urge, from dealer Daemon Sloane (Pierce Brosnan) while on a weekend trip to an island resort.

Along with Chatwin and Brosnan, Urge stars Ashley Greene, Danny Masterson, Alexis Knapp, and Chris Geere.

Urge is slated for release on June 3. Watch the trailer below.