By Dylan Kickham
May 05, 2016 at 03:41 PM EDT
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USS Indianapolis


Things go from bad to worse for Nicolas Cage in the first international trailer for his upcoming war drama USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage.

Cage stars as U.S. Navy Captain Charles McVay, the commanding officer aboard the USS Indianapolis when it was destroyed by a Japanese torpedo in July of 1945 in the Pacific theater of World War II. Described as “the worst naval disaster in American history” in the trailer, the surviving crew of the destroyed ship used the wreckage to stay afloat for four days until discovered. However, a majority of those survivors died as well, of either dehydration or shark attacks.

The thrilling trailer depicts the explosion of the USS Indianapolis and several of the shark attacks that picked off the surviving crew members. The film also stars Tom Sizemore as Chief Petty Officer McWhorter and Thomas Jane as Lieutenant Chuck Gwinn. It is slated for a May 30 release, Memorial Day weekend.

Check out the trailer below, which premiered on Variety:

USS Indianapolis

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