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Ryan Murphy’s latest anthology series, Feud, won’t air on FX until 2017, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start speculating on the other famous face-offs future seasons should explore. Read on for nine more battles we’d be happy to watch over eight-episode epics.

Nancy Kerrigan vs. Tonya Harding

Yes, there’s already the upcoming biopic with Margot Robbie set to play Harding, but there’s a reason this feud gets the small- and big-screen treatment over and over again. With Murphy’s touch, the Olympic-level scandal would get the deep-dive it deserves. The question is: Would Sarah Paulson play Kerrigan or Harding?

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Hilary Duff vs. Lindsay Lohan

Also known as the Nancy vs. Tonya of the early 2000s, Duff and Lohan publicly feuded over pop star Aaron Carter, who, uhh, wanted candy from both teen queens. Young Hollywood in the 2000s proved a strange time, but we’d give anything to see Murphy’s take on this infamous cover.

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Anna Wintour vs. Tim Gunn

We can see it now: Feud: The Fashion Edition. Or something like that. In 2014, the Project Runway correspondent gave a revealing interview to the New York Post in which he claimed Wintour was less than graceful — a comment Gunn would say prompted the Vogueeditrix’s wrath the next day. Was Gunn telling the truth? Was The Devil Wears Prada telling a lie? Take this one on, Murphy & Co., because if anything, a fashion industry flare-up means plenty of potentially jaw-dropping looks.

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Kelly Ripa vs. ABC

Given how Murphy’s American Crime Story successfully tackled the media’s effect on the O.J. Simpson trial, a Murphy-ized version of this story about the media industry could delve even deeper into how the rumor-built echo chamber works. Besides, the story of one woman facing up to her workplace is rife with enough drama for a season.

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Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Martha Stewart

Who knew Paltrow’s Goop could rile up Stewart’s multimillion-dollar empire? And who knew just how passive aggressive it would get? The recipe’s simple: Take Connie Britton’s oblivious Faye Resnick in American Crime Story, split her into two characters, triple their egos and wealth, add a sprinkling of thinly-veiled wordplay on their respective sites —“Jailbird Cake,” anyone? — and you’ve got Murphy’s version of this conscious uncoupling. Serve while hot.

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Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift

Is Taylor Swift “bored” with the feud? Yes. Are we? Not if Murphy were to take it on. Considering the size of Swift’s squad, the uber-showrunner might just have to combine all of his ensemble casts to get this one done.

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Jay Z vs. The Knowles Sisters

Lemonade can’t be the only stellar project that comes out of these marital lemons, right? (Plus, we’d love to finally hear the audio in that infamous elevator fight…)

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Debbie Reynolds vs. Elizabeth Taylor

Old Hollywood could use the spotlight again. Reynolds settled with Elizabeth Taylor decades ago, but for a while, the pair were the original Team Jen vs. Team Angie: See, when Reynolds’ husband Eddie Fisher divorced her, he left her for his next wife, Taylor, the same year. Plus, Reynolds told Access Hollywood in 2013 that the pair made up on a cruise ship after both were married to different men (Reynolds to Harry Karl, and Taylor to Richard Burton). That’s a trip with two screen legends moving past their differences that we’re just itching to see play out on the small screen.

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Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr

Just imagine this Founding Fathers feud between an orphan bastard and a haughty bursar as a musical! Wait, what do you mean it’s been done?