Plus: Lyin' Ted becomes Dyin' Ted

By Christian Holub
May 05, 2016 at 12:12 PM EDT

Not so long ago, it seemed like every other week brought a new presidential dropout, and with it a Stephen Colbert ‘Hungry for Power Games’ salute. That changed as the field narrowed, but Colbert brought back his Caesar Flickerman impression on The Late Show Wednesday’s to toast Ted Cruz and John Kasich. He started by mocking Kasich.

“He may be gone, but he’s not … who are we talking about again?” Colbert said. “Oh, Kasich! Let’s take a look back at all the triumphs of John Kasich’s campaign: there was Ohio, and he’s gone.”

Colbert noted that not even the Republican Ohio governor’s defeat earned him the spotlight, as his withdrawal was overshadowed by that of Cruz, “Texas senator and half-kissed frog prince.” Theorizing on Cruz’s defeat, Colbert noted that even though the candidate won 11 states, he seemed to anger and embitter people who should’ve been his allies. Former Speaker of the House John Boehner, for example, publicly called him “Lucifer in the flesh.”

“So if Ted Cruz is ever killed, we can narrow the suspects down to someone who has met him,” Colbert said. “And that’s all there is to say about Ted Cruz.”

But then, it wasn’t. Colbert was suddenly joined by none other than a Cartoon Donald Trump, in his own pink-colored, poofy-haired Caesar Flickerman impression. Cartoon Trump gave his own eulogy for Cruz’s finished campaign.

“Lyin’ Ted is lyin’ in the ground,” the fictional Trump said. “He ran a tough race, but he was really bad at it and his father killed JFK. Pathetic.”

Watch the clip above.

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