Jimmy Fallon winds up drinking Sebastian Stan's spit

Credit: NBC

In this month’s Captain America: Civil War, the Marvel superheroes square off over the question of whether to officially align themselves with the government or continue operating as vigilantes. The film’s cast got a new challenge on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, as Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, and Sebastian Stan joined host Jimmy Fallon in a game of “musical beers.”

Much like musical chairs, musical beers provided fewer resources than players. When the music stopped, everyone was required to lunge for a beer; whoever missed was out. The first round started easily enough (with Bettany eliminated), but things got weird after that. A trigger-happy Stan accidentally grabbed a beer before the music stopped; Fallon made him spit it back, but was then himself trapped into drinking the backwash. Renner declared he was happy to lose that one.

The third round placed its two cups right next to each other, instead of on opposite ends of the table. and Olsen got squeezed out. This left Stan and Fallon, a showdown that ended in the silliest possible way. Again, Stan lunged a little too early for the beer cup. When he realized his mistake, he put it back… and then the music really stopped, allowing Fallon to steal away the win.

Watch the clip below.

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