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SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Kyle Jason’s game on Survivor: Kaoh Rong seemed to abruptly start and stop so many times that you would think the guy must have suffered whiplash. His initial tribe got decimated, but then he found himself in a position of power after the merge. However, his cloak of invincibility was torn off after Tai flipped sides, sending Jason’s biggest ally and his hidden immunity idol out of the game in one swoop.

That put Jason back on the bottom. After Tai campaigned — well, dictated, really — that Michele should go at this last Tribal Council, it looked as if Jason may live to see another day in the game, but some hard campaigning by Cydney sealed his fate.

Jason called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to discuss how it all went wrong, and you can now hear the entire interview right here on the InsideTV Podcast. How much of his sabotage was just sour grapes? Does he regret his treatment of Alecia? And why the hell did he give Scot his idol before that vote a few weeks ago at Tribal Council? We asked him all that and more. Here are a few highlights:

On if Tai ever told him what his secret advantage was:

“No, he wouldn’t tell us. He wanted to keep it as his little secret. He really kept it from us. We had assumed it must be an idol or something. We were wrong. It was an extra vote, but that extra vote didn’t really help, now did it?”

On why he voted for Joe instead of Michele:

“I knew Tai didn’t have the numbers. Tai came up and talked to me ahead of time and tried to get me to vote Michele, and then you watch Cydney and Michele go off and Cydney talk to Aubry. Cydney was really close to both those sides. Knowing her the way I did and working with her for as long as I did, I knew that wasn’t good. So I stayed true to myself and voted who I thought should have left.”

On why he wanted Joe to leave:

“[Joe] and I didn’t always get along. I respect him in his day-to-day life, but out there on the island, we didn’t mesh well… He was just over at the fire all the time burning all the firewood. That was pretty much Joe’s story — between that and sitting on a bench.”

On why he gave Scot his immunity idol before Tribal Council:

“I was safe. I knew I was safe. I still believed in Tai and he was safe. I didn’t see Tai just handing his idol over right away. I only saw him using it on that aspect, if a worst-case scenario happened — which, I was wrong. I wanted my alliance to feel safe and feel comfortable and that’s why I gave it to him. Now, in hindsight, that was probably my worst decision out there. But it is what it is, you can’t do nothing to change it. What makes me feel better about it is I would’ve used it the very next week, and I would’ve ended up basically wasting it because Julia went home. So that’s what helps me hold my head up about giving it away. But again, it wasn’t probably my best decision out there.”

On getting his idol back from Scot at Ponderosa:

“Scot wrapped it up in a bottle of Blue Label for me. It’s currently around my daughter’s neck. She wore it to school today.”

On how much of the sabotage was actually strategy as opposed to sour grapes:

“For me, it very much was all strategy. Scot brought up the idea of ‘Let’s sabotage these people,’ and you saw me jump on it real quick. Scot’s the one that put out the fire and I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I would watch him do it every single day. I’m guilty by association. I’m part of that group and I stand by that group. There was gameplay to that. I treated this game like a business. I treated it like I do in my everyday life, and sometimes you have to take drastic measures to make consequences for others appear more real than they are. And that’s what I was trying to do. You’re trying to basically bluff your way or intimidate your way through a certain angle of that game, and that’s what I was trying to do there. I took nothing in this game personal.”

On being accused of bullying Alecia earlier in the season:

“I’m not going to sit her and say it was the edit. I’m very happy with the edit. I’m very happy with the way I was portrayed. When it comes to her and I, we obviously don’t get along. I think she is a good person at heart, but certain personalities just don’t mesh. From day one, she came on the beach and she was offended she was on Brawn, and said it, and felt she should have been on Beauty. Well, you don’t win friends right away by saying that statement five minutes into this game. And every day it was something else.

“I think when it comes down to it, she has a lot of learning to do and a lot of growing up, and we all did. I was young and immature at one point too. We all were. And certain instances in your life help you to grow up, and hopefully she can take this and learn form it and become a better person in life. I stand by what I did. I stand by my actions. I don’t consider myself a bully. Just because I don’t sugarcoat things to other people is because I’m a brash person. You got to think about the life I live and the shoes I walk in. I come from years in the military, years of combat experience, I deal with criminals every single day of my life. I don’t have time to make everybody’s feelings feel good or hold your hand and make you feel better. I do that enough with my own children in life. I’m a very harsh person. I’ll tell it like it is.

“And somebody finds that — ‘Oh, you’re a bully. You’re a jerk.’ I took a lot of heat for the idol thing when we ran into each other. What’s the alternative? I give it to her because she’s a girl? That wouldn’t be fair to her. I think she handled that great and she was a very fierce competitor out there. She would go toe-to-toe with me anytime and a lot of props to her on that. She was a strong individual out there; we just didn’t get along. I have no hate towards her. I think she’ll do just fine in life. But I think a lot of people viewed it the way they wanted to.”

Click on the audio player below to hear the rest of the interview, including his thoughts on Tai and whether it is harder to be voted out early or that close to the end. (The Jason Survivor interview starts 23 minutes in.)

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