Sebastian Stan and Dakota Johnson throw back some shots
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Although he often comes off like a straight-laced college professor, Stephen Colbert sometimes enjoys a more free-flowing, intimate relationship with his guests than any other late-night host. There was all that kissing back in March, and then on Tuesday, the host improved on that by drinking with his guests.

In a strange coincidence, Colbert met A Bigger Splash star Dakota Johnson at the Met Gala on Monday, the night before she was scheduled to appear on The Late Show. Johnson apparently asked Colbert if they could drink during the interview, which Colbert doubled down on by insisting they drink real liquor. Johnson remembered Colbert’s wife telling him not to drink tequila at work, but Colbert pulled out a bottle and glasses anyway. “She’s not here right now,” Colbert said.

The tequila naturally influenced the interview, as Colbert and Johnson shared their strange stories from the Met Gala.

“This is what the night was like for me: I went into the men’s room, and there was a woman smoking in a ball gown,” Colbert said. “She said ‘hello Mr. Colbert, hope you don’t mind if I smoke in here.’ I was like ‘I’m in The Great Gatsby right now.'”

“I’m in heaven,” Johnson said.

“No, it’s not heaven,” Colbert said. “You don’t want to go to the bathroom next to a woman holding something burning. All of this is gonna get cut out. CBS won’t put any of this on TV.”

The tequila also came back to affect Colbert during his later interview with Captain America: Civil War star Sebastian Stan. Both Colbert and Stan are interested in space travel, though they had differing opinions about who would get top obituary billing if they both died in a Mars colony disaster. Colbert said Stan, because movies are bigger than TV, but Stan argued that they’re more similar than they appear.

“I’m not sure what the difference is these days, to be honest, because I feel like we keep repeating movies the same way,” Stan said. “We want to revisit the characters the same way we do on TV. Marvel, in a sense, is kind of like a TV show, because every few years the characters evolve, just the same way they do on TV. Isn’t that similar?”

“I don’t know if it’s the tequila, but you’re blowing my mind right now,” Colbert said.

Not one to get shown up by “the Fifty Shades of Grey kids,” Stan then took his own shot of tequila with Colbert. Watch the full clip below.

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