The pop star says the duo's show won't 'feel like different broken up sets'
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

In just six weeks, Nick Jonas will be hitting the road with Demi Lovato to kick off their HONDA CIVIC TOUR: FUTURE NOW summer tour, which begins on June 24 in Sunrise, Florida. Right now, though, he and Lovato are still putting the finishing touches on the show.

“We just finished the design stage,” Jonas told EW at the red carpet at Live Nation’s National Concert Day. “We’re building that up and trying to really emphasize the night of music we’re trying to create, where it doesn’t feel like different broken up sets; it’s an experience for the fans and for us.”

Jonas also explained why he and Lovato decided to co-headline a tour together: “Between being friends and then also becoming business partners now with our record label we started, I think we felt like it was the right time; like it was a good moment to take things to the next step as far as building our careers as performers, as artists, but also as business people.”

As Jonas noted, both he and Lovato have established themselves as successful musicians and tactful business people, but some fans may only see them as for their past work with Disney. For Jonas, it’s all about focusing on the music with songs like “Close” featuring Tove Lo and waiting for the public perception to catch up.

“I think it’s about staying in the work,” Jonas said, when asked how he deals with people thinking of him as a former Disney star. “I think there’s no doubt now that people are aware of Demi’s vocal capabilities, and I think that my progression musically has come a long way as well. You’ve just got to stay comfortable and confident in your own skin. You know, it’ll catch up.”