Kit Harington gamely answered our annoying hair questions (and yes, he really cut it)
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Just stop everything.

Out of all our Game of Thrones coverage going behind the scenes of season 6, this is the story that’s going to interest at least some of you the most.

Jon Snow’s hair is about to change.

We don’t want to say too much about this. And if you want to entirely avoid hair-spoilers then stop reading now.

But remember when Thrones star Kit Harington said he cut his hair shorter after last year’s finale where Jon Snow died? And many fans thought he wasn’t telling the truth? And outlets starting posting “hair watch” stories obsessing about the actor’s hair’s length and style, wondering if he had been released from his Game of Throneshair contract,” and what his coiffure measurement might mean for the future of Westeros?

Harington wasn’t permitted to be honest about Jon Snow’s future on Thrones. But he was telling the stone cold truth about cutting his hair.

“I wanted to sell [the story that he was leaving the series] a bit more,” Harington tells us (because of course we asked — hey, there was a lot of conflicting reports out there about this!). “I know this hairstyle this hair cut is very synonymous with the show. I know in the past I’d said I’d cut it off when I can. I wanted to appear with shorter hair straight away so it would sell the lie.”

Then, at the start of season 6 last summer, the show’s production team decided to cut his hair even further. The Jon Snow we saw on Sunday is actually wearing hair extensions to match his hair-length with season 5 — that’s what Melisandre was snipping away at during the resurrection scene.

“We cut it much shorter for this season, and do a different hairstyle this season and put it up in a bun,” Harington says. This bun was actually first glimpsed in a leaked photo from the set last year.

The problem — if you’ll please allow us to call it that — is that his widely admired locks are so numerous and lengthy, that even relatively drastic sheering hasn’t been obvious to the public. Once a certain hair-magnitude has been achived, a man’s mane often can register to the observer as simply “long” — even if its actually span changes significantly. Shorter hair doesn’t necessarily mean short hair, though from Harington’s perspective, Snow’s hair is now “short,” at least relative to how long it was before. “Nobody’s noticed I’ve had short hair,” Harington adds. “We’ve chopped most of it off, and people were like, ‘Oh look, he’s still got long hair.’ So that didn’t work as well.”

After the man-bun makes its HBO series debut, however, the pre-and-post-death Jon Show hair differential might be more apparent.

Kit Harington is on the cover of this week’s EW where we chronicle the incredible two-year story of how the actor and the Thrones team killed off his character, then secretly brought him back to life for the Lord Commander’s greatest season yet. Buy the issue here, or subscribe to receive digital access the moment the story is posted online. For more coverage of Thrones‘ second episode of the season, “Home,” here’s our first interview snippet with Harington (“Sorry!”), our interview with Ramsay Bolton actor Iwan Rheorn on those gruesome murders, our deep-dive recap, and our new Game of Thrones post-show podcast — the latest episode is now available. Follow @jameshibberd for the latest.

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