That's what you get with 'frozen blackjack'
Credit: NBC

This month’s Captain America: Civil War finds the titular superhero battling it out with his old friend Iron Man for the soul of superheroes. The man behind the mask, Chris Evans, is no stranger to competition, either. During his appearance on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, Evans introduced a new game to play with host Jimmy Fallon: frozen blackjack. The rules are a lot like regular blackjack, but in a Captain America-inspired twist, the loser of each hand has to face freezing cold water — like the kind the captain was frozen in for decades.

Evans won the first round, allowing him to dictate the terms of surrender. He took the pitcher of freezing water, poured it into a funnel, and made Fallon stick the funnel down his pants. Fallon was not a fan of the game, although eventually he started turning the tables on Evans. By the last round, Fallon secured another victory and went overboard, pouring as much freezing water as he could onto Evans, as the latter laughed maniacally.

Watch the clip below.

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