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It was a big weekend for Larry Wilmore. The Nightly Show host spoke at President Barack Obama’s final White House Correspondents’ Dinner and took the time to personally thank the nation’s first black president on his accomplishments: “Barry, you did it, my n—a.” Wilmore’s use of the N-word generated some backlash, so he opened his Monday night show with a response to that criticism.

“I completely understand why people would be upset about that,” Wilmore said. “It’s a very charged word. I get it. But there was one particular critique from across the pond that brings up a very important distinction.”

Wilmore was referring to a column by “professional Beyoncé disliker” Piers Morgan, in which Morgan quoted Wilmore as calling Obama “n—-r.” Wilmore took the time to clarify the difference between this word, and what he actually said.

“Piers, you did not properly conjugate that slur,” Wilmore said. “‘N—-r’ is what white people use to denigrate, demean, and dehuamnize black people. ‘N—a’ is a term of endearment some black people use between each other to take back that power. Now, you also said in your article, ‘Larry, you’re not a n—-r, and neither is Barack Obama.’ I know, stop calling us that! Conjugate the slur! And then also don’t use it, trust me on that.”

Watch the clip below.

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