Boris Yeltsin!

The world changed forever on July 4, 1996. Or rather, the world of Independence Day changed forever. This summer’s Independence Day: Resurgence picks up two decades after aliens first came to Earth to decimate monuments and torment Jeff Goldblum. In a new video, a fake newscast from “United World News” introduces the full-fledged alternate universe that resulted from the events of Independence Day, which includes a united global army led by a multicultural squad of fighter pilots. (The video also features Jeff Goldblum, in character, saying the phrase “a big military base on the moon.”)

Fans of Independence Day will appreciate the words from “Dylan Hiller,” who describes himself as “the son of a legend.” Fans of ’90s movies about human beings fighting monsters from outer space will appreciate how this clip feels oddly similar to the newsreels from Starship Troopers. And fans of actual history will appreciate this shot of the world’s greatest leaders meeting in the late ’90s. Boris Yeltsin! Helmut Kohl! Freaking Chirac!

Independence Day 2
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