Kermit and Gonzo won’t have to apologize a trillion times for this slick Outkast performance. The new mashup video stars Gonzo as Andre 3000 and Kermit the Frog as Big Boi, and the pair sing and rap about a relationship gone south. We also see Kermit and Gonzo’s famous significant others — Miss Piggy and the chicken, respectively — in the video to intensify the song’s emotional depth.

The video is the latest from the YouTube account isthishowyougoviral, which has made a number of Muppets perform hip-hop classics in his previous videos. Recently the account, run by creator Adam Schleichkorn, posted a mashup of Bert and Ernie performing “Regulate,” and before that various Muppets rapping the Beastie Boys’ “So What’cha Want.”

Though he’s been uploading these Muppet mashup videos for about three years, Schleichkorn wrote that this particular video was one of his most difficult to create.

“I think that this was seriously the toughest song choice to date, as this was an absolute nightmare to edit,” Schleichkorn wrote in the video description. “But I’ve wanted to show love to the South for a while now, and thought, who better than one the best rap groups of all time?”

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