The low-budget Tribeca winner party-crashed Kentucky war reenactments during filming.

Men Go to Battle

Men Go to Battle is an upcoming low-budget dark comedy about the Civil War — but the techniques director Zachary Treitz and his actors and crew employed to make the film were right out of the guerilla handbook.

The plot involves two brothers (played by Tim Morton and David Maloney) who live on a family farm in 1861 Kentucky. When one of the brothers is humiliated in front of a woman of preeminent background (Rachel Korine, wife of Harmony), he flees town and reemerges later as a Union soldier.

Winner of the Best New Narrative Director award at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2015, the movie was shot mostly in 2012 on a nickel-and-dime budget. So how did the filmmakers recreate the battle scenes, which you can see in this exclusive trailer?

Well, when looking for a good old-fashioned Civil War reenactment, you can do a lot worse than party-crashing a… good old-fashioned Civil War reenactment. The actors dressed in their period military garb, wrapped the movie camera in a burlap sack, and jumped right into the ongoing war. Since the date also marked the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Perryville, the deadliest in Kentucky history, the atmosphere was especially ripe for authenticity.

Check out the trailer for Men Go to Battle (above), and look for the movie in theaters when it opens on July 8.

Men Go to Battle
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