Kit Harington is finally ready to tell his story.

In this week’s Entertainment Weekly, the Game of Thrones star reveals his extraordinary journey helping pull off one of the biggest creative fake-outs in modern Hollywood history.

As fans of HBO’s Emmy-winning hit now realize, Harington’s murdered character Jon Snow came back to life at the end of Sunday night’s episode, the second of season 6, resurrected by the sorceress Melisandre. The revival ended 10 months of worldwide speculation about Snow’s fate.

Not only did actor Kit Harington and the producers manage to hide his role in season 6 from public view (aside from one pesky leaked photo), his role itself is actually huge: Kit Harington spent more days on set this season than any other Thrones actor. “It’s a massive season for Jon,” Harington tells us. “It’s his biggest season for him so far.”

For months EW has been working on a top-secret cover story about Jon Snow’s death and rebirth. For early access to the story — which includes an exclusive interview with Harington, among others — head here to become an EW subscriber. To purchase a copy of the latest issue, head right here, or pick one up on newsstands Friday.

Credit: MARC HOM for EW

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