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The end is nigh in the latest sneak peek of Penny Dreadful‘s third season. Says Wes Studi’s Kaetenay, one of the new faces on the scene, “The beast will feed. The darkness will overcome the Earth. A terrible end awaits us — all of us.”

Josh Hartnett’s Ethan Chandler, Eva Green’s Vanessa Ives, and Timothy Dalton’s Sir Malcolm return to face their own demons, in addition to Lily, the Creature, Dr. Frankenstein, and Dorian Gray. Vanessa’s trajectory may be one of the more central arcs, but Kaetenay reminds us that what’s coming is coming for them all.

Season 3 debuts Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime, and Hartnett discussed his character in a recent interview on Entertainment Weekly Radio. “I didn’t see [Ethan] as this ne’er-do-well cad who just drinks a lot and screws around with everybody he sees,” he said, “because it’s just boring. We’ve seen that a million times. If he’s doing that, he’s doing that for a reason, because he’s really hating himself.”

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Other guests popping up include Brian Cox as Ethan’s father, Jared Talbot, Shazad Latif as Dr. Jekyll, Christian Camargo, Sam Barnett, Jessica Barden, Perdita Weeks, and Patti LuPone as Dr. Seward.

Showrunner John Logan told EW of the latter’s casting, “For us, the joy of having Patti LuPone back is terrific. She did such a good job for us last season, and it creates sort of a supernatural resonance with Vanessa, because she seems to be a reincarnation of a woman who was very important in her past.”

Fans can watch the first episode of Penny Dreadful season 3 online now.

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