They’re back together again.

Twenty-five years after the release of Thelma & Louise, stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis reunited to discuss the 1991 film’s legacy and influence on pop culture.

“It was overwhelming,” David told EW about the response to Thelma & Louise after its May 24, 1991 debut. “Maybe a lot of people watching this weren’t around to know what the reaction was,” she added. “It was huge. it was massive. We were on the cover of TIME magazine in five seconds: ‘Why it strikes a nerve.’ Very negative editorials. ‘Oh my God, now the world is ruined. The women have guns.'”

As Sarandon recalled, “We thought we were doing a Butch Cassidy or a Jules et Jim. Not making some kind of statement.”

Check out the full interview with Sarandon and Davis above, and for more Thelma & Louise, pick up the latest issue of EW, on newsstands now and also available here.