By Nick Romano
Updated April 30, 2016 at 09:11 PM EDT
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Mark Watney is coming home — and he’s bringing some never-before-seen footage with him. As announced on Friday, The Martian extended edition is hitting DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD on June 7, and it’ll feature an extended cut of the film with 10 minutes of extra footage not shown in theaters.

Last year, EW revealed a deleted scene from the film, while director Ridley Scott told Collider his original cut was 2 hours, 45 minutes. (For reference, the theatrical cut came in at 2 hours, 24 minutes.)

Elsewhere, The Martian‘s home release will feature two hours of bonus materials, including audio commentary from Scott, screenwriter Drew Goddard, and author of the source material Andy Weir; a documentary on the science behind the film; interviews with NASA specialists and engineers; and a Q&A panel discussion about the planned journey to Mars with NASA experts.

Starring Matt Damon as astronaut Mark Watney who was left for dead on the red planet, The Martian was nominated for seven Oscars and won two Golden Globes. The cast also features Jessica Chastain, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara, Sebastian Stan, Michael Peña, and Kristen Wiig.

The Martian

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